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Cut Camouflage_Navy

Cut Camouflage_Navy

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This series is the latest Camo series on the 21FW. Inspired by military uniforms, it uses related color materials and silhouettes from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.The AGE canvas shoes use carbon coated canvas, which is more durable, waterproof, and dirt-resistant than conventional canvas fabrics with special carbon and crystal coating technology, making it ideal for rainy weather in Taiwan.The shoe board type is very pretty~ It is a brand that is very popular among young people in Korea because it is narrow and looks good when worn, and the high tire-patterned shoes.

Surface: Carbon coated canvas (waterproof)
sole: rubber
Shoe height: about 3.5 cm
* White shoelaces are included.

【Size Table】
AGE only has a full size and does not come out half size, but if the size is half size or medium size, I would recommend a larger half size.
220MM (EU 34.5/ UK3/ US4)
230MM (EU 36.5/ UK4/ US5)
240MM (EU 38.5/ UK5/ US6)
250MM (EU 40/ UK6/ US7)
260MM (EU 41/ UK7/ US8)
270MM (EU 42.5/ UK8/ US9)
280MM (EU 43.5/ UK9/ US10)
290MM (EU 45/ UK10/ US11)
300MM (EU 46.5/ UK11/ US12)

【Customer's opinion on wearing clothes】
1. I usually wear 270, but this model is 280, and the size of the shoelace is just right.
2. Converse wears 235 and 240, which is perfect.
3. Vans Old School wears 245 and this one fits perfectly with 250.
4. For wide-legged boards, it is recommended to choose a size larger than the size you usually wear.
5. Converse wears 240 and this model wears 250.It's a little big, but it's just right to wear socks.
6. All VANS shoes are 270 and this one fits perfectly.
7. I usually wear 265-270, but my feet are wide, so I don't mind wearing 270.
8. I usually wear 255 and 260 for this model.It's a little big, but it's okay.
9. If your feet are wide, I recommend buying a larger size.

⚠Shoe exchange information ⚠
- All shoes are exchanged only for size mismatches or defects, not returned.
- Keep your shoes brand new and intact.
- Please let us know the exchange size information by private message.


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